Darryn Marshall


I give all the Glory to God who gives me the talent, ability and strength to exercise the creative flair within. Through Him I can do all things…

With numerous shows and events done over the years, one undeniable fact remains, people continue to say, my art certainly creates an impact and has the “Wow” factor. I find this a rewarding reaction indeed. To be able to capture the viewer’s attention, and cause inquiry through being intrigued by serenity, is a pleasing gift.

I work in a wide range of mediums, mainly painting and sculpture - adapting techniques to suit the intended outcome.

Each completed project whether it be sculpture or painting, leads into another piece of work or series, and through systematic synthesis and regenerating ideas; I have developed a style to include mixed media that produces a remarkable textured finish.

“The gift of creativity is driven by a passion to explore content, and find a point of difference in the use of materials and application. The end result is uniquely original”.  

Wood and stainless steel, two opposing materials have been utilized collaboratively to form my most recent series of low relief sculptures.

While each piece makes a notable statement, each piece gives a sense of calmness and serenity. I begin a piece by visualizing the end result…I like to think about the concept, and plan the composition through a series of drawings. I carefully compose compositions that use this natural expression to delineate geometry within architectural and maritime forms, or the structure embedded within the lay of the land. Shape, form and patterns that emerge in my work, originate from reworked Ngā Hanga Whakairo (New Zealand Maori traditional surface elements and design). Positive vs negative spaces richly influence each composition, and with harmonious portions of each, results in the creation of balance to each piece of artwork.

Through simplification and reworking various designs and mark making, I have been able to connect the past with the present in somewhat of a metamorphosis transformation. Hunters and gatherers spring to mind in the next step of the planning process, as I set about collecting materials and any tools that will assist to recreate the image of the end result. An important part of the low relief sculpture preliminary process, is the hand selection of pieces of timber that reveal the composition within the linear and curvilinear grain.When a piece is going well, it evolves from the material effortlessly, supernaturally guided and emerging as intended. The timber’s organic composite and intrinsic linear characteristic, cohesively assist not only shape and form, but also pictorial space and spatial depth. It is the final step of construction, the strategic placement of each wooden component, and the mounting onto the stainless steel backing that ultimately breathes life into the work.An analytical observation of each piece, informs the viewer of many vantage points that reveal an intriguingly changeable composition, as light illuminates the irregular surfaces. 

Each integral step of the process is therapeutic and an enjoyable part of a labor of love. I thank the Good Lord for the gift of creativity. 

Darryn Marshall. Sculptor and Painter.


About Me


My background

I am from New Zealand - the largest Pacific Island nation, grouped to the east coast of Australia. I was born and raised in the city of Tauranga in the North Island of New Zealand. I am a Kaitahu (South island) Maori from my birth father and Australian from my birth mother; Ngapuhi (North Island) Maori from my adoptive mother and European from my adoptive father.

From a very young age I was exposed to the study and application of Art in the fields of drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. My education includes a Diploma of Education and College teaching, a Certificate in Adult Teaching, a Diploma of Fine Arts & Crafts and the study of Ngahanga whakairo (Surface elements and design). I taught Visual Arts at Otumoetai College in Tauranga, N.Z where I was the Director of the Art Department and a Dean for 10 years.


My experience

Since the early 90’s  I created a large body of works, exhibiting and selling all but two pieces prior to moving in 2008 to the banks of the Hudson River, overlooking New York City. The move was one to allow me to continue producing on a grander scale, introducing my signature to the capital of the business world. In 2014 I made the move to San Diego to further the production of my artworks. 

Consisting mainly of mixed media painting and low relief sculpture, my Work is based around symbols of identity and iconography from the environments I have been a part of.

I bring together both traditional and contemporary initiatives to treat concept, technique and composition. My latest series is a systematic inquiry of wood and steel to portray rural vs. urban themes. I harmoniously bring together the opposing materials in an original technique that rekindles people’s awareness of the beauty that already exists in their community.

I am very proud of my roots and have a lot of respect for my ancestors and culture, as well as others', that provide a great variety of content and historical reference.

Urban and rural landscapes are a continual inspiration, creating an ongoing artistic challenge and a journey of discovering.


My vision

“My creativity is driven by a passion to explore content and find a point of difference in the use of materials and application. The end result is uniquely original”.

“I give all the Glory to God who gives me the talent, ability and strength to exercise the creative flair within. Through Him I can do all things”…