“My creativity is driven by a passion to explore content and find a point of difference in the use of materials and application. The end result is uniquely original”. 

Wood and stainless steel, two opposing materials, have been utilized collaboratively to form my most recent series of low relief sculptures.

While making a notable statement, each piece gives a sence of calmness and serenity.

I do what I do to exercise the creative flair within.

I was attracted to the creative field at a very young age through excitement, driven by a passion to create visual objects pleasing to the eye.

Decades later nothing has changed; my innovative intuition just gets richer, saturated in expression, development and experience.

One of my favorite things I have discovered about what I do is, my art work creates an impact and has the “Wow” factor. I do find this a rewarding reaction from the viewer. 

To be able to capture the viewer’s attention and cause inquiry, to intrigue by serenity, is a pleasing gift.

Welcome to my art space - an archive, a gallery, and an opportunity to interact, 

lease or own a piece of Darryn Marshall.

Sculptor and Painter